About Scotopia

Scotopia started its journey in the year 2016, is a multidisciplinary, multilingual peer-reviewed e-Journal, publishing original empirical and theoretical studies and analyses in education that constitute significant contributions to the understanding and/or improvement of educational processes and outcomes.

The mission of the Journal is to serve as the premier peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal to advance theory and practice related to all forms of outreach and engagement related to higher education and communities.  The Journal intends to explore innovative endeavors. ‘Scotopia’ consists of articles, essays, and commentaries by scholars, practitioners and academicians highlighting and critically examining emerging issues, trends, challenges, and opportunities; and reporting on studies of impact in the areas of public service, outreach, engagement, extension, engaged research, community-based research and community service. This introspective journal has sought to take a holistic approach. The journal aims to become a forum for discussion of varied issues affecting higher education. The study of college and university-related topics through peer-reviewed articles, essays, reviews and research findings, and by emphasizing systematic quantitative and qualitative inquiry, will definitely find a place in this journal.

This journal is an electronic open access journal with ISSN No. 2455-5975.

In an open access model, we promise that readers will have the chance to read papers free of cost. In order to encourage long-term scientific research, papers submitted to Scotopia will be published free of charge.

Call for Papers

Dear Colleagues,

You are warmly invited to suggest articles for our journals or to submit your own. For more information, please see the following publication benefits:

  • Simple System for Online Manuscript Submission
  • Fair and strict peer review procedure
  • Process for Rapid Publication
  • responsive and helpful service
  • The Broadest Distribution
  • in line with open access guidelines
  • Periodically, organise special issues.
  • Editorial Board authorised
  • Create a platform that is shared by all the members.

Online submissions are required for manuscripts to be taken into consideration for publication. Please feel free to contact the editor at scotopiathejournal@gmail.com if you are having issues with the submission procedure.

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Editorial Team


ISSN No. - 2455-5975

Editor-in-Chief : Prof. Dr. Soma Ghosh Principal, Hiralal Mazumdar Memorial College for Women, Dakshineswar

Associate Editors : Dr. Madhushri Das Datta
Assistant Professor,
Department of Botany,
Hiralal Mazumdar Memorial College for Women,
Dr. Pradipta Mukherjee
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Hiralal Mazumdar Memorial College for Women, Dakshineswar

Joint Editors : Dr. Pritha Kundu
Assistant Professor,
Department of English,
HiralalMazumdar Memorial College for Women,
Dr. S. Rehan Ahmed Assistant Professor,
Department of Zoology,
Hiralal Mazumdar Memorial College for Women,