Editorial Note

SCOTOPIA, a multilingual Journal (ISSN: 2455 5975 (Online)) is an open-access platform for publishing articles. Scotopia has been granted an ISSN (Online) in the year 2016 and after publishing several regular Issues (Research/Review Papers in the Previous 3 Years) invites you to submit a research paper for publishing in the upcoming edition.

Scotopia encompassing all areas of academic ventures will continue to publish all types of theoretical, quantitative and empirical studies, including work on the borders of finance, commerce, literature, public policies and strategy, management and governance, and book reviews while strengthening our expertise in traditional academic fields. This special issue is on Indo- Bangladesh's relationship. It intends to explore the current status of the dynamics of the relationship between the two neighbour countries.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank current editorial members for their ongoing commitment to the standards to which the journal aspires. During the last few years, they have handled the large majority of first-round submissions. As a result, the quality of the journal has been steadily improving.

As part of our future strategy, we will continue our ongoing agreements to offer publication space to special and supplemental issues associated with seminars also. We aim for even higher standards in all aspects of the journal’s management and operations.

We look forward to working with all of you as we continue to make Journal a success and we welcome your submissions, as well as feedback as authors, readers, and reviewers of the journal.
Dr. Soma Ghosh
Editor-in- Chief